SmartXide Dot Laser

Wrinkle and Brown Spot Fractional Laser Treatment

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  • The SmartXide laser treats the signs of aging and reduces the effects of sun exposure, including sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity/texture, and acne scars.

  • It is safer, faster, and more efficient than fully ablative treatments.

  • The laser can treat sensitive areas including eyelids, the neck, and hands due to its versatility.

  • The advanced CO2 Fractional laser technology allows multiple treatment zones within the skin to be targeted.

  • This fractional laser skin treatment uses a 'dot' pattern that allows the outer layer of skin to heal more quickly.

How does DOT Therapy Work?

  • DOT Therapy laser creates thousands of microscopic holes called DOT's in the targeted area, which induce immediate skin tightening and stimulate new collagen growth.

  • During the procedure, your doctor will apply a pattern of tiny scanned pulses of laser energy to your skin with a controlled laser.

  • Procedure typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area.
Photos courtesy of NuMed Aesthetics, LLC

What should I expect after Fractional Laser Treatment?

  • Many patients notice that their skin feels tighter immediately after the procedure.

  • Results will continue to improve for 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

  • Skin may be red or swollen for a few days after application.

  • Patients typically experience some peeling as fresh and younger-looking skin appears after approximately 4 days.

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