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Acne, or Acne Vulgaris, is a common skin disease that can result in pimples, cysts, and nodules. While acne is quite common among adolescents, adults can suffer from this condition as well. 

Acne is caused by a blockage in a hair follicle. The clogged follicle enlarges and fills with sebum (oil) and forms a bump. These bumps can become colonized with bacteria which incites inflammation. Acne frequently occurs in areas with a high concentration of hair follicles and oil glands, such as the face, chest, and back. While acne tends to gradually improve, it may cause scarring.

Acne is a genetic condition that can be aggravatved by hormonal factors and certain cosmetics. Often better skin care habits alone will not clear up this condition. At Dermatology Associates Medical Group, we offer a variety of treatments for acne. Our doctors can help determine the cause of your acne and prescribe the best regimen for your condition. Chemical peels,  Photodynamic Therapy, and acne facials are valuable adjunctive procedures for acne.

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